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IN-WA-QUARZ Technologie

By this elaboration I would like to achieve an acceptance of the IN-WA-QUARZ technology as broad as possible.

Publication of the manufacturing process and argumentation of action shall support this new technique. In principle a sort of data storage in water is described which has been proven both biologically and physically by spectral tests in a scanner by me.
In my view mechanism of biological effect is based on the production of a resonance in living cells by the special, detailed storage of information in water, which can prevent information forwarding of biologically effective radicals by means of interference formation.


Hydrogen formation by emulsifying of water by means of fatty substances

Normal explanation goes that hot fat leads in combination with water to an increased risk of fire. Each fireman knows that. I found out that fat being at a temperature below 500°C is sufficient for production of a tongue of flame by contact with normal water. In the process finely sprayed water is given into hot fat. A highly inflammable gas develops obviously. Being able to maintain the gasification process during a longer period experimental space has to be supplied with electrons, thus has to be earthed.
I assume that the finely spread water is cracked into hydrogen and oxygen gas by the coating with fat together with optimal supply of electrons at temperatures of approx. 500 °C. This gas can be ignited then. I asked myself whether there are similar examples to this topic.


Destabilization from water to reduction of iron.

I made a strike in nature where the oil works as catalyst []. Each cell is enclosed by a cell membrane. This consists primarily of an 8nm thick structure from two lipid molecule layers, into which membrane proteins with different structures are inserted [source: Pschyrembel]. Lipid molecules are fat molecules.
Question: Shall nature produce hydrogen by fat, water and light energy? Is fat thus a substantial component for the process of photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis consists of a light reaction and a dark reaction. Here it concerns only the light reaction. Detailed information see:
I copied a plant cell and placed it into the sun.
Experimental description: take 2 quartz glasses with waterproof stopper and fill it with distilled water. Put into all glasses a clean, but rusty (oxidized) piece of iron (e.g. structured steel). Glasses are locked firmly. The 2 glasses are put separately into 2 larger glasses. The gap of the one (large) glass is filled with bright cooking oil. The gap of the other (large) glass is filled with water. The glasses are put at a sunny place at a window. Temperature shall be between 15° and 25 °C.
4-6 months later following result is shown:


The upper glasses are from quartz glass. The glasses standing below consist of normal glass and do not show any different reaction.
Above, right glass and large glass:
The iron in the oil-coated glass shows traces of reduction. The iron contained in it is smooth and gleaming.
Left glass: The iron in the water-coated glass shows traces of oxidation. It is rusty - as we know it well. (The iron takes two different conditions alone by the coating with oil).


Production of oxyhydrogen analogues to photosythesis.

In this experiment I copy the essential parts of a plant cell with the aim to crack water into oxygen and hydrogen.

In any case you need a quartz glass, which you put into a second, larger glass. Fill into the inner glass 2-3 gram of pure magnesium (danger of fire risk!) and Kaliumcarbonat K2CO3. Afterwards fill the glass with (distilled) water up.

Then you need only to fill up the first glass with oil until the inner glass is covered. Place altogether at room temperature into the sun or illuminate with high frequency light.

After a short time water begins to bubble. In a course of the day a gas bubble is forming which bangs during burning.

Imaging you take off the oxyhydrogen by NADPH by reducing NADPH enzymatically to NADPH-H+, then oxygen remains as during photosynthesis.

It goes further:

You can also put construction into darkness and earth the inner part, water plus magnesium, with a wire. For this quartz glass is not needed any more. It works also with other receptacles realizing that the effectiveness distinctly diminishes with receptacles above 50 ml. Transparent oil is not necessary, but one can immerse a receptacle into wax, which is easier to be handled than oil after cooling off. Then it works exactly as described above. Necessary energy is not received any more by light, but by means of a wire by a flow of electrons. This is measurable.



With the help of oil or tallow one can destabilize water and change its physical and chemical properties. I use that in order to store information on water.

Production of antibody information

My model makes presumption possible that water molecules can store information. In order to be able to check that, I have to use exactly defined information (e.g. an antigen). In my example I use antigens for the production of antibody information.
Here I assume that the real wave (information of the antigen) keeps its value. I only change the spin or the turn from left to right. This is attained during process of storing on water molecules by changing the direction of rotation by means of yarrow. I call the turned antigen effect stored on water antibody information. I explain myself the healing effect by a blocking of the antigens which is created by formation of interference within the intercellular area. An occurring healing after using the agent would support the output statement.



Production of these antibody information takes place by bringing together a glass container filled with water containing a powder which is consisting of virus- or antigen-infected material (nose liquid with influenza viruses; blood drops from patients with autoimmune sickness, cancer; plant material, etc.) as well as of a carrier material with dextro-rotatory properties (yallow, Achillea millefolium) wrapped in wax. This is shaken in such a way that the water gets antibody properties. Shaking means to move up and down the entire arrangement in second bar approx. 30 times.

In the picture an example for the arrangement used for the process is shown. Glass container 1 with side 2 is filled with water and locked by top 3. Glass container 1 is set into a container 4 made of wax. This container 4 can be made in a very simple way e.g. out of a hollowed out candle, which is locked with wax. With antigen infected material is mixed with yallow and arranged around the glass container 1, thus between the inner side 5 of the container 4 and side 2 of the glass container 1. This is indicated in the picture with 6. After shaking glass container 1 is taken off. The liquid can then be diluted. Quartz powder and alcohol for stabilization can be added. Application of the liquid is carried out drop by drop as in the homoeopathy.



Working hypothesis

Starting from the conception of an electromagnetic wave as closed system, I have divided it into an informative part and an antenna part. Both form a closed unit as measurement. Link:
However the wave can be measured only as a result, thus if it has already been there. I never question this result from today's physics. I do not want to change also their results. However it is for me too abstract for imagination. Therefore I formed a working hypothesis in interaction with observations of the above experiments. Thus comprehensible imagination of modern physics without calculating is made possible for me.
In order to describe the state figuratively, I use the picture of a standing e-wave (electromagnetic wave), which is formed at an antenna (link: A firmly installed antenna sending continuously e-waves. In my conceptions the informative part of the e-wave “flies” from antenna to antenna. Thus not only artificially built antennas but also natural antennas are meant. With natural antennas I mean antennas receiving waves which are coming towards and are compatible for this process and which are used for forming electromagnetic fields.
I also assume that the informative quantum can shape an antenna with similar e-waves as a standardized antenna shapes informative parts under energy supply (e.g. normal radio transmitter). The e-wave becomes thus an open system with permanently changing but always appropriate partners. Man perceives in the course of this the density of the waves as ambient pressure.
Not only the electromagnetic wave but also the integrated system form a definite unit and guarantee the stability of the entire one, also of the matter, as shown in the water experiment.
However today only the complete e-wave can be measured, thus the informative quantum plus the antenna part. With that I am back again in the today's physics.
I developed at that time this representation as explanation after observation of the water experiment. From this explanation again I derived the experimental questions for the development of my hypothesis about informed water.



· I assume that physical and chemical properties of the water are changed alone by the arrangement of water behind oil. This process is reversible. It is a catalytic mechanism of effect.
· The arrangement of the hydrogen atoms of the water molecule forms a natural antenna which can receive and send by means of constantly existing radiation - or forms, differently expressed, a resonance body.
· The water antennas can be changed as you like in certain ranges (spectra), e.g. by the IN-WA-QUARTZ technology.


Original Katziener Wasser

Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Tiere, Fische und Vögel. Die Widerstandskraft der Tiere steigt...

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Der Pflanzenvitalisator

Es wirkt vitalisierend auf Pflanzen und regt zum Selbstschutz an. Viren und Pilze werden nicht direkt abgetötet. Der Befall wird durch die positive IN-WA-QUARZ-Wirkung auf die Pflanze entscheidend gehindert.

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Schwarzwasser durch IN-WA-QUARZ, IN-WA-QUARZ-G, IN-WA-QUARZ Katziener Wasser

Auf Grund von eigenen Beobachtungen gehen wir davon aus, dass Schwarzwasser durch IN-WA-QUARZ, IN-WA-QUARZ-G, IN-WA-QUARZ Katziener Wasser, Salzwasser beeinflusste Untergründe und durch spezielle Pilze entstehen kann. Wir konnten durch die Anwendung von IN-WA-QUARZ-G auf extremen, leichten Sandböden eine starke, bodenverbessernde Wirkung beobachten.

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